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Kevin Stebner is a multi-disciplinary writer, musician, and artist from Calgary, Alberta.

Stebner is known as concrete and experimental/constraint poets, working in multiple forms. He has Two books slated for 2024: Game Genie Poems (Blasted Tree), a collection of oulipo-inspired lipograms written entirely in a Nintendo Game Genie - and Inherent (Assembly Press), a collection of concrete/visual poems utilizing old dry-transfer/Letraset to form beautiful constructions of letters. Stebner is also known for his typewritten concrete poetry, the result of which has been an astounding array of over 400 typewriter visual poems, many of which are appearing in chapbooks and publications (recently from Blasted Tree, NonPlusUltra, No Press & Timglaset) and has done multiple exhibitions of this work. He is also the proprietor of Calgary's best bookstore that's in a shed, Shed Books.

Stebner has spent over two decades dedicated to the DIY music in every capacity imaginable: all ages promotor, educator, helping release over 50 albums music through his labels (Revolution Winter for vinyl, Bart Records for cassettes), not to mention his work as a musician himself. At one point dubbed by Vice as "Calgary's Hardest Working Musician," Stebner has released dozens of albums and toured across Canada multiple times with myriad of projects, notably Stalwart Sons, Cold Water, GreyScreen, and Prepared.  Ever active, alt-country band Cold Water has recently released their second album "Instead I am a Golen Oriole" in 2022, as well as post-hardcore band Fulfilment recording their second album in the summer of 2023.

Related to his chiptune project GreyScreen, much of Stebner's artistic installation and exhibition work produces visual art and sound interactives using and manipulating old videogame gear, turning nostalgia in new ways, producing a number of shows and partnerships with the EPCOR Centre, Beakerhead Arts Festival, and Contemporary Calgary.

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2017         Bachelor of Education – University of Calgary

2008         Bachelor of Arts – English, University of Calgary

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2023           "This is a Poem" concrete poetry & text art exhibition, Central Library (Calgary, AB)

2023           Typewiter art exhibition, Paperview books (Lisbon, Portugal)

2022           "ALLCAPSE" typewriter art art show/installation, duo show with John Gerrard. 

2018           PowerGrid & Glitch installations at National Music Centre (Calgary)
2017-2018 GreyScreen “PowerGrid” manipulatable music installation Beakerhead Arts and Science
                    Festival funding provided by Calgary Arts Development) (Calgary) 

2016           GreyScreen “Glitch” visual art installation Beakerhead Arts and Science Festival

2013           GreyScreen “Switches Make Glitches” visual art installation. GIRAF Animation Festival. (Calgary)

2013           GreyScreen “4-winds” soundbomb audio installation & performance. Epcor Center for the Performing                         Arts, Soundasaurus Festival. (Calgary, AB) 

2013           GreyScreen Rom-hack Nintendo visual art installation. Epcor Center for the Performing Arts, Ledge                             Gallery  (Calgary, AB)


2020-now   Organizer and Director Starry Dynamo Arts Market independent DIY artist market showcase,(Calgary)

2019-           Proprietor, Shed Books, community focused used bookstore in a shed, (Calgary)

2011-2015  Coordinator and bookings, Ghost Throats all ages music festival, Calgary and Edmonton

2013             Producer and Coordinator, By Heart or By Hearsay 3: Arnold Edition Sweded Film Fest, Good Life Bikes                       (Calgary, AB)

2012             Producer and Coordinator, By Heart or Heresay: Christmas Edition Sweded Film Fest, Tubby Dog
                     (Calgary, AB)

2012-2013   Producer and Coordinator, By Heart or Heresay community video recreation screening, E.T.: The                                   Ride, Brain Fever full pipe show, Covers Under a Bridge. Choose Yer Own Fest (Calgary, AB)

2011-2012   All ages show booking and coordinator, Undermountain (Calgary, AB)

2011             Coordinator, A Charlie Brown Christmas reenactment, Choose Yer Own Fest

2010             All ages show booking and coordinator, Comrade Sound (Calgary, AB)

2023             Body Slam Wrestling podcast, themes and  
2020            "Throwback" short film

2019             Zuldaxx (Red Iron Labs, Calgary), gameplay and menu screen music 

2017-2019   multiple games throughout Global Game Jam Calgary
2016-2019   Various soundtracks for game jam/Ludum Dare competitions for Calgary Game Developers

2017           Chiptune Gameboy Music Making Workshop, Calgary Game Developers

2016           Chiptune Gameboy Music Making Workshop, Beakerhead Art & Science Festival
2015           Chiptune Music Making Workshop, Computer Science, University of Calgary

2012           Chiptune Gameboy Music Making Workshop, Sled Island Festival

2010           Chiptune Gameboy Music Making Workshop, Choose Yer Own Fest


2010-          Founder, Curator and Producer of Revolution Winter  independent vinyl-only recording label with 14                          releases

2009-          Founder, Curator, and Producer of Bart Records, Independent cassette label with 42 releases

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