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Typewriter Art & Concrete Poetry

Each piece of these concrete poetics has been constructed solely on typewriters (most often on my favourite Remington Performer among a few other machines), all typed a keystroke at a time, either meticulously planned, or perhaps playfully spilling out haphazardly.

My work is very much preoccupied with the ways in which I can make a typewriter give the illusion of depth and dimension, the way an image can bore into, or reach out from the page. These pieces all largely concerned with that stereopic play, how our brains may interpret dimensional objects, and focusing geometric play on the page. Inspired as much by pixel art as the history of visual poetics and geometric art itself, my work seeks to stretch the limits of what can be achieved on a typewriter and the ways in which we perceive type itself. 

For more info on some of the publications in which this work appears, look here.

Email regarding inquiries for originals and commissions. 

Limited edition prints available here.

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